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Opening hours during summer

Open during summer: Tuesday - Friday 10-18

Closed for summer holiday : 13/7 - 12/8

Welcome to a genuine goldsmith

In addition to the items shown here, we have a large assortment of plain bands, gold chains, silver chains and pearl necklaces.

We continually have new jewelry in production in our studio. Some jewelry becomes the foundation of a new series while others are one-of-a-kind pieces.

We also carry out repairs and rebuilds of jewelry.

Please contact us or visit our store if you have any questions.

- Welcome to a genuine goldsmith!

Meet our goldsmiths!

We are two goldsmiths who have a shop and studio in central Uppsala, located in the historic Celsius House. We design and manufacture unique jewelry and perform repairs and modifications. In the store you can see a large selection of handmade jewelry and wedding rings.


If you have your own idea, we can create it. There is always a goldsmith available.


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We repair and make modifications to your jewelry in our workshop

It's not just new production that takes place in our workshop. Sometimes jewelry needs to be polished, resized or repaired. For example, regular inspection of set stones can increase the longevity of the piece.

We also carry out modifications of jewelery to suit you.


Repairs and modifications ››